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Analysis methods for individualised fundamental diagrams


In my dissertation, I develop individualised fundamental diagrams for researching the impact of individual factors and whether there are individual specific movement characteristics. In addition, I investigate the influence of different factors on velocity by using multivariate analysis and mixed models. Based on the established methods in single-file experiments, I analyse more complex flows of pedestrians as they occur in bi- or multidirectional experiments.

Parts of my work:

  • Development of individualised fundamental diagrams
  • Autocorrelation as a condition for the regression analysis
  • Investigation of the influence of various factors on velocity by using multivariate analysis and mixed models
  • Highlighting gender differences and similarities in pedestrian flows
  • Transfer of established methods to multidirectional pedestrian flows
  • Methods from network analysis for the classification and analysis of neighbouring pedestrians
  • Identification of pushing and non-pushing people

The following experiments will be investigated:

  • Single-file school experiments
  • Bi- and multidirectional experiments