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Flexibility in Remuneration for PhD Students

Taking into account the fierce competition for excellent PhD students, recruitment allowances are an important instrument offering great flexibility for salary arrangements.

PhD students are only entitled to a recruitment allowance if one of the following circumstances apply:

  1. An alternative offer has already been made to complete a PhD in another external position

    a) in Germany
    b) abroad

  2. Family members require care
  3. Other serious and plausible reasons that apply to the specific individual case

However, there is no general entitlement to a recruitment allowance.

The total salary paid including recruitment allowance can be no more than the salary due to a person in similar full-time employment in salary group 13 of the Collective Agreement for the Civil Service (TVöD).

Examples (gross amounts on the basis of the tariff tables as of March 2014):

Salary grade 13/2 level 1 (basis amount)€ 1.703,92
Salary incl. recruitment allowance:
30% recruitment allowance€ 2.215,09
50% recruitment allowance€ 2.555,87
Salary incl. max. recruitment allowance:
100% recruitment allowance€ 3.407,83