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PGI-1 Talk: Prof. Dr. Christian Heiliger

Tailoring transport in nanostructures

12 Jun 2019 11:30
PGI lecture hall

Universität Giessen


Tailoring transport properties in nanostructures is a key element for future applications. This is not limited to the design of new materials but includes also the search of new effects. In all cases, a decent theoretical understanding of the physical phenomena is important. I will start with a brief discussion of different theoretical approaches to calculate the transport properties. Afterwards I focus on our non-equilibrium Green’s function method (NEGF) implemented in our KKR code. In particular, I will discuss different spin-orbit related transport phenomena as detection of skyrmions via magnetic tunnel junctions, tunneling anisotropy magneto resistance, and spin-Hall effect. Thereby, I will elaborate on the importance of material choice. Further, I will talk about our implementation of electron-phonon coupling within the NEGF method.


Prof. Dr. Stefan Blügel
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