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PGI-1 Talk: Dr. Alexandr Sukhanov

Gradual pressure-induced change in the magnetic structure of the non-collinear antiferromagnet Mn3Ge

25 Jul 2018 11:30
PGI Lecture Hall

TU Dresden


By means of powder neutron diffraction we investigate changes in the magnetic structure of the coplanar non-collinear antiferromagnet Mn3Ge caused by an application of hydrostatic pressure up to 5 GPa. At ambient conditions the kagome layers of Mn atoms in Mn3Ge order in a triangular 120∘ spin structure. Under high pressure the spins acquire a uniform out-of-plane canting, gradually transforming the magnetic texture to a non-coplanar configuration. With increasing pressure the canted structure fully transforms into the collinear ferromagnetic one. We observed that magnetic order is accompanied by a noticeable magnetoelastic effect, namely, spontaneous magnetostriction. The latter induces an in-plane magnetostrain of the hexagonal unit cell at ambient pressure and flips to an out-of-plane strain at high pressures in accordance with the change of the magnetic structure.


Prof. Dr. Yuriy Mokrousov
Phone: +49 2461 61-4434