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PGI-1 Talk: Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Thiele

Machine Learning and AI in Production - Concepts, Ideas and Examples from Application Scenarios

21 Mar 2018 11:30
PGI Lecture Hall

Cybernetics Lab IMA/ZLW & IfU, RWTH Aachen


With AlphaGo beating the current world champion in the game Go, even the greatest sceptics have become aware of the power of learning Artificial Intelligence (AI). The rules of games provide a good test bed for AI that is not easy to transfer to real world problems, although the capabilities of AI have vastly grown over the last decades. The implementation of learning AI in modern production systems still requires an appropriate assessment and combination of Machine Learning methods. The producing industry has evolved itself as one of the pioneers to address these challenges in real world scenarios. The intelligent connectivity of machines is a core element to create the necessary data source for Machine Learning. Modern data infrastructures are adapted towards the needs of real-time data analytics that enables AI and Machine Learning-based systems to provide insights in production processes. Within this presentation, these aspects are exemplified based on current trends as well as research and combined towards a future vision of AI-based production in the producing industry.


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