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PGI-1 Talk: Dr. Alejandro Cabo

A proposal of an ab-initio band calculation scheme to describe the strong correlation properties of cuprates and TMO

07 Jun 2017 11:30
PGI Lecture Hall

Departamento de Fisica Teorica, Instituto de Cibernetica, Matematica y Fisica, La Habana, Cuba


A model to improve the understanding of the normal state of La2CuO4 cuprate superconductors done in collaboration with other colleagues is reviewed here. The presentation will stress the motivation suggested by the model, for the development of a first principle band calculation scheme, able to predict the Mott properties of SCES materials like cuprates and TM Oxides. Such a possibility is motivated by the model, that predicts the existence of well defined pseudogap states, which nature is yet discussed in the literature.

The pseudogap phase emerged as a paramagnetic excited state, breaking the square crystal symmetry of the CuO planes in the same way as the AF order does, and shows a pure Coulomb origin. Its Fermi surface exhibits a momentum dependent gap, closing at the four corners of the Brillouin cell. In the present work we introduced the effects of the next to nearest neighbors to the Cu atoms. Then, the consequences of the hole doping on both states are presented.

The analysis also becomes able to describe the quantum phase transition (QPT) which La2CuO4 shows at doping values, laying beneath "the superconductor Dome". However, the next to nearest neighbors included here, determines the reordering of the Fermi surface to be closer in doping values to the critical doping of the QPT transition point. Suggestions of the possibilities of the model to help developing room temperature superconductors will be also reviewed.


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