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PGI-1 Talk: Dr. Radomir Zikic

Towards Development of Nanotechologies for Ultra Fast DNA Sequencing

15 Dec 2016 14:00
PGI Lecture Hall

Institute of Physics Belgrade, University of Belgrade


In this talk, the efforts of nanoDNAsequencing Consortium towards development a novel single-molecule DNA sequencing nanotechnology protocol (gene sequencer) will be presented. This sequencer protocol has potential to sequence a molecule of genomic dimensions in hours without expensive and fault sensitive DNA copying steps and chemical reactions, which take much longer time. The protocol is based on the electrical characterization of individual nucleobases, while DNA passes through a nanopore with integrated nanotube side-electrodes. Also, our recently developed microscopic theory for the calculation of ac-current through a single molecule will be summarized [M.S. Dražić et al., Int. J. Quant. Chem. 2017 (117) 57]. The theory is an extension of the Büttiker linear response ac-transport [PRB 1998 (58) 12993], it is valid up to plasmonic frequencies (e.g. in range from 1GHz -1.200THz -250nm), and all inputs can be computed within static DFT.


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