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PGI-1 Talk: Prof. Dr. Lalla Btissam Drissi

Towards emergent materials: Physical properties

14 Dec 2016 11:30
PGI Lecture Hall

Mohammed V University, Rabat, Morocco


Until fairly recently, graphene represented the unique candidate for new applications that were unavailable in the past. However, to adapt this gapless non magnetic material to applications in electronic, optoelectronic and spintronic, it is of fundamental importance to open up/control the band gap and introduce magnetism. Several attempts have been investigated such as creating new derivatives via chemical modifications, or via quantum confinement of electrons by forming armchair and zigzag nanoribbons or by breaking sublattice symmetry in honeycomb lattice.
Using both standard DFT calculations as well as GW approximation that considers excitonic effects determined by the quasiparticle, we present structural, stability, electronic, optic, magnetic and elastic properties of some emergent materials such as pure and modified SiC and GeC hybrids. The obtained results show that they are promising candidates for future applications.


Prof. Dr. Samir Lounis
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