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Advertising division: IEK-3 - Techno-economic Systems Analysis
Reference number: 2021M-025, Computer science, science communication

Master thesis: Visualization of the German Energy Transition

Begin: As soon as possible

At the IEK-3, we develop models for the analysis of future energy systems. These techno-economic models help us to evaluate small regional and global energy system designs.

We use one of our models to analyze the German energy system and derive possible solutions for a sustainable energy transition until 2050. Within this integrated model, several hundred technologies and their systemic interactions compete for the most sustainable system; from heat pumps in residential buildings, over new steel production techniques, to fuel cell electric vehicles in the transport sector. Data points exist over the predicted years of the strategy (2020 to 2050) for every hour per year. Consequently, this leads to a network of thousands of nodes and edges.

To increase the transparency and comprehensiveness of the developed solutions and strategies, interfaces are required to visualize those.

We need new visualization methods to be developed that are capable of showing the variation of the interactions between different technologies over time. Those methods would then allow decision-makers or stakeholders to better evaluate the optimized strategies, and, in the end, lead to greater public acceptance.

Your Job:
The offered thesis aims at the development of a web-based visualization tool for the energy system data set. The idea is to show a directed graph on different aggregation levels, which dynamically changes its interaction over time. Concretely, the job can be divided into the following steps:

  • Literature research on visualization methods of graphs
  • Analysis and structuring of the energy system data
  • Developing of a systematic aggregation method
  • Developing of a visualization tool for dynamically changing directed graphs
  • Implementation on a web-server

Your Profile:
Outstanding academic skills in computer science, science communication or related fields of study. Ability and willingness to work autonomously and analytically within a project team. You are motivated to bring in your own ideas at all stages of the master thesis. Ideally, you already have experience in modelling, programming (preferred in Python), and a passion for the German energy transition. You have an eye for appealing data visualization.

Our Offer:

  • A pleasant working environment within a highly competent, international team in one of the most prestigious research facilities in Europe.
  • You will be supported by top-end scientific and technical infrastructure as well as close guidance by experts.
  • You will have the opportunity to work with excited researchers from various scientific fields and take part in the design of a future German energy system
  • Your work is remunerated.

We are looking forward to your application and are more than happy to answer any remaining questions.

Felix Kullmann
Institute of Energy and Climate Research (IEK)
IEK-3: Techno-economic Systems Analysis
52425 Jülich