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New Member of the Board for "Energy and Environment"

Former Max Planck Director Harald Bolt Comes to Jülich as New Member of the Board

[8. Februar 2008]

Jülich, 5 February 2008 - Prof. Dr. Harald Bolt took up his position as Divisional Director of "Energy and Environment" at Research Centre Jülich on 1 February 2008.

Harald Bolt is one of three future Divisional Directors at Jülich. The two other Divisional Directors are responsible for the research fields of "Structure of Matter and Key Technologies" and "Health".

After studying mechanical engineering in Aachen, Harald Bolt spent several years at energy research institutions in Jülich, Garching and Japan, and taught as a professor at the Universities of Tokyo and Wuppertal and Munich University of Technology. During the past nine years, Harald Bolt continued his research at the Max Planck Institute of Plasma Physics in Garching as director of the materials science division and is an internationally acknowledged expert in the field of materials for fusion energy. In addition to his previous research work, he also represents energy research issues on numerous international committees.

"The fields of energy and the environment complement each other ideally at Jülich and will provide important stimulus for the issues currently concerning our society. Jülich plays a leading role in this field in Germany and also on the international stage", said Bolt in an interview with Jülich's Corporate Communications. "The large Helmholtz Centres such as Jülich bring together top scientists from various disciplines and thus enable progress to be made that would not otherwise be possible."

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