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Siavash Mostafavi

Doctoral researcher at ER‑C‑3

Curriculum Vitae
I am a PhD student and joined the group in September 2018. I obtained my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Biology from UMass Lowell. During my Master’s studies, I worked in the lab of Dr. Hwai-Chen Guo in search of compounds to treat Aspartylglucosaminuria. After graduation, I worked at Warp Drive Bio in Cambridge, MA in a group that used X-ray crystallography to elucidate how natural products engage their targets in order to design more effective derivatives. Most recently I worked as a structural biologist at Morphic Therapeutic in Waltham, MA, aiding rational drug design efforts against Integrin targets using X-ray crystallography and electron microscopy.


Ernst Ruska-Centre
Ernst Ruska-Centre for Microscopy and Spectroscopy with Electrons
ER-C-3: Structural Biology
52425 Jülich


Phone: +49 2461 61-3130