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IHRS BioSoft Guest Student Programme 2014

From July 27th to October 2nd, IHRS BioSoft groups host Master students from Austria, China, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Iran, Romania, and Serbia for the ten-week guest student programme. The students work together with more experienced researchers on their own small projects, such as "Preparation of surface-immobilized nanocontainers with switchable pores", "Pathophysiology of a glial glutamate transporter", "Dynamics of hydrodynamically-coupled microrotors", "Atomic force microscopy on multicellular systems", and "Tracking fluorescent rod-like viruses in the isotropic phase".

IHRS-BioSoft GSP 2014


  • Nikolina Babić (University of Belgrade)
  • Nives Bonačić (University of Zagreb)
  • Cettina Bottari (University of Messina)
  • Maud Formanek (University of Vienna)
  • Margarita Hessel (University or Applied Sciences, Aachen)
  • Wei Huang (Fudan University, Shanghai)
  • Zlatko Jončev (University of Belgrade)
  • Angela Koffler (Vienna University of Technology)
  • Yuanying Liang (Sichuan University)
  • Igor Marković (University of Zagreb)
  • Toni Marković (University of Zagreb)
  • Roya Moghaddasi Fereidani (Sharif University, Tehran)
  • Dora Polić (University of Zagreb)
  • Sebastian Sohn (TU Dortmund University)
  • David Toneian (Vienna University of Technology)
  • Camelia Tusan (Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj)
  • Jens Winkelmann (TU Dortmund University)
  • Vesna Vetma (University of Zagreb)