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“Soft-Matter-Matters!” – Brochure

In the frame work of the EU funded research infrastructure project EUSMI, IBI-4 issued an experiment brochure together with the Forschungszentrum Students Lab, JuLab. The booklet contains detailed instructions for soft matter related experiments, which students from eighth grade can perform alone at home or in class under guidance by their teachers. The descriptions of the experiments are underpinned with explanations of the scientific background geared to the target group and the content is complemented by some researcher profiles. At this time the brochure is available only in German. An English version will be published soon.

Soft Matter Matters BrochureCopyright: Forschungszentrum Jülich

 “Soft-Matter-Matters!” – Brochure (PDF, 8 MB)

Further information to the press release of the research center (in german)