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How to ensure correct group ID for Your project data?

In our usage model all compute and data projects get a dedicated data repository in our global parallel file systems. The files stored into this directory belongs to the project. Therefore all files and sub-directory have to belong to project's UNIX group. To ensure that all data automatically belongs to this group the project directory has the setGID bit in place. New files will inherit the project UNIX group by default and sub-directories will get the setGID bit, too. But users can overrule this default behavior (willingly or by accident).

To fix wrong group ownership on your files use

chown :<group> <target_file>
chown :zam /p/arch/zam/calculation/output.txt

If you have a complete directory to fix use the recursive option:

chown -R -h :zam /p/arch/zam/calculation

On $ARCHIVE the quota usage is calculated on UNIX group base. Therefore nightly a recursive chown is performed on each project directory to apply the corresponding project group.

If the setGID bit is missing on a directory use

chmod g+s <target directory>
chmod g+s /p/arch/zam/calculation

If the setGID bit is missing in a complete directory tree, use find to fix it for all sub-directories:

find /p/arch/zam/calculation -type d -exec chmod g+s {} \;